How the Proxomitron Works
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The power of the proxy

Perhaps you are wondering what mysterious universal forces the Proxomitron calls upon perform its work? Well, unlike what you might expect, The Proxomitron is not a browser plug-in. Instead it takes advantage of an old feature of the web know as a "HTTP Proxy". This allows a program to sit between your web browser and the Internet at large. The Proxomitron uses this to intercept all requests for web pages before your browser gets to see them - allowing for everything to be monitored, and possibly changed, by you first.

We don't play favorites (sorry Bill)

Almost every web browser ever made supports a proxy interface - it's part of the original specifications for the web. Because of this, the Proxomitron works just as well with most any version of any browser, be it Netscape, Internet Explorer, or even Lynx! It can even work with many other types of programs that use HTTP to do their stuff (like off-line web browsing utilities for instance).

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