Welcome to the hastily written and even semi-accurate guide to...
The Proxomitron - Universal Web Filter

Presented for your approval: the awe, mystery and just plain oddness that is...

the Proxomitron help file!

Armchair of Contents

General Information

Welcome to Proxomitron

Installation and Eradication (or how to get the blasted thing to work!)
Shonenware - Distribution and Copyright

What's new in version Naoko-4.5
Well what the heck is this thing it anyway?
How it works

The Bits and Pieces


The Main Screen

Blockfiles, Blocklists, and so on...

Using blocklists
Creating blocklists

Filter Creation

And now... The Proxomitron Text Matching Language

Vestigial Organs....

Merging New Filters
URL Commands

Got questions? Read the Proxomitron IFAOFAQN
A hitchhikers guide to the default web filters
And now... The default header filters

Send in your filters!
Got Bugs? (Further help and Contacts)