What's new in version Naoko-4 Beta Five?
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The Naoko-4 series of Proxomitron has many new features over the older Naoko-3 versions. It's also faster and more stable (especially on newer versions of Microsoft Windows* like Windows 2000*). For a information on all the new features please check the "Changes.txt" and "ReadMe.txt" files in Proxomitron's docs folder.

Also, another big change is this brand new help file you're reading now! It's been a long time coming, but the help has finally been updated with most of Naoko-4's new features. It uses DHTML for context sensitive help boxes, so be sure to try clicking on items in the pictures of Proxomitron's dialogs. There still may be a few thing lacking, but these should be covered in the text files mentioned above. However, please feel free to tell me if you find any mistakes.

Thanks folks, and enjoy the new version!


* Micosoft, Microsoft Windows, Windows 95, 98, ME and 2000 are all trademarks of the Microsoft Corporation.

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